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Code K503 Lovely little matching pair of circa 20s standard 3ft single bed frames. Simple design but attractive little beds with a bit of a gothic feel. Great beds for a small cottage as they have low heads and feet but have 14 inches under the siderails, plenty of room for storage..


to the nearest 1/4 inch ...... Internal length 75 inches ... Width 36 1/2 inches ... Head height 41 inches ... Foot height 34 1/4 inches ... Gap to the underside of the side irons 14 inches

Fully Restored Price ... £795 (Photographs below show bed in unrestored condition, can be finished in any colour. Please email with code for an unrestored price and more details.)

Pair of custom made slatted bases.. £95

Base ..... For custom made slatted pine bases, please click here,

 photo k503-3-pair-bedsteads_zps966eb02c.jpg

 photo k503-4-pair-bedsteads_zps3a660691.jpg

 photo k503-2-pair-bedsteads_zps743bfe38.jpg

 photo k503-1-pair-bedsteads_zpsfb81b1ba.jpg

 photo k503-6-pair-bedsteads_zps267a17e7.jpg

 photo k503-8-pair-bedsteads_zps58317917.jpg

 photo k503-5-pair-bedsteads_zps3fb4d123.jpg

 photo k503-7-pair-bedsteads_zps16d0b68c.jpg

 photo k503-9-pair-bedsteads_zpsd2ee355d.jpg