Description ..

Code TB047 Lovely French 4ft bed frame, with an arched frame with a matching brass bar and ring to foot end.


to the nearest 1/4 inch ...... Internal length 75 inches ... Width 49 1/2 inches ... Head height 55 1/2 inches ... Foot height 39 1/2 inches ... Gap to the underside of the side irons 8 1/4 inches

Fully Restored Price ... £575 (Photographs below show bed in unrestored condition, can be finished in any colour. Please email with code for an unrestored price and more details.)

Base ..... For custom made slatted pine bases, please click here,

 photo victorian-iron-bed-TB047-1_zps355ad152.jpg

 photo victorian-iron-bed-TB047-5_zpsa7af24b6.jpg

 photo victorian-iron-bed-TB047-4_zps7e900216.jpg

 photo victorian-iron-bed-TB047-3_zpsb387c22c.jpg

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 photo victorian-iron-bed-TB047-2_zps3f14dbc3.jpg